A Reflective Wendy

So I have been in Thailand, working for Starfish for about a month now, and I can honestly say that despite being the most wonderful experience I have ever had and hopefully a life that I can live for a lot lot longer, the one thing I don’t like is the goodbyes.

I have already had to say goodbye to 14 people and I didn’t think it would be as sad as it is but I can very truthfully say that I do have a sence of loss for each and every person. I remember joking with the Lane Community College nurses when they turned up that I get to have new best friends every week and I will become Facebook famous from all of the new friends, but as stupid as that sounds it is actually true; well minus the Facebook famous part!!

I spend such a huge amount of time with each of the volunteers that I do end up seeing them as my genuine friends, wether it is;




taking them to Speed 3 for the first time and introducing them to the BEAUTIFUL staff that work there, going out to dinner on an evening,




translating as best as I can for them or just hanging out.




I get so close to the people that come out here and then I have to say goodbye to them and that is without a doubt the only bad thing about this job.



Me, my sister and my Dad, who taught me that goodbye is never for forever


I come from a military family so have never really had an issue with goodbyes or missing people but it would seem that I am actually starting to really dislike goodbyes. The inspiration for this blog came from just having to say goodbye to a volunteer that I absolutely adored called Olivia who was on the elephant project for two weeks.




I was there the first time she went to the elephant village, the first time she rode an elephant and took it down to the water to swim and when she first tried cutting sugar cane down and did a hash of a job doing so 😀

But I can honestly say that the last two weeks with Olivia have been so much fun and thinking about her travelling off to Chang Mai actually makes me worried; I want her to be safe and happy and know that I can ensure she is safe when she is with me but now she has taken flight I can’t make sure of that now; it makes me feel very much at a loss. I didn’t think I would end up clock watching the last hour of her being here. I didn’t think that I would demand that she messaged me when she got to Chang Mai and that she better hug a tiger extra tight for me as well, but I did.

And I do miss her.

I miss how she would steal drummer boy ‘Beer’s cap;




or how we were both dissapointed that neither of us had cameras when we went to Swensons Ice Cream Shop as the ice cream we ordered was too pretty to eat.

I know that the goodbyes will get easier after some time and I am looking forward to that but sometimes I wish I didn’t have to say it at all, that I could just go with them or make it so that everyone could stay here and hang out and have an awesome time but sadly there are other adventures that they need to have which aren’t here with the Starfish family, because that is what we are and what I hope every volunteers feels as well.

Now I feel like that random girl from Mean Girls when they are all saying the things they have done that are mean and she just pops up and says how she wishes it could all just go back to how it was in middle school. I am that girl right now, but hopefully no one will get hit by a bus later on; if the Mayans don’t get us before hand of course!!

But despite all my sadness and feelings of loss that comes with every goodbye I have a new best friend that is in my life for a long time. She is beautiful and I love her very much 😀




She is my new guitar 😀 I couldn’t go any longer not being able to play ‘Little Things’ by One Direction so went to Big C this afternoon and got her 😀 Welcome to Life On The Back Of An Elephant 😀

So if you want to be my best friend for a few weeks or if you would like to do some life changing volunteer work or even meet my new guitar friend then you need to jiggle on over to the Starfish – Volunteer Thailand Facebook page, the Starfish Website or even the Starfish Tumblr page. Alternatively you can also check out the Instagram page which is #starfishvolunteers or even my personal Instagram which you can see by clicking the blue Instagram icon below :D

Oh I also now have my own Tumblr account now which is updated all the time with what is going on in my life, elephant or non elephant related; I am new to Tumblr though so don’t mock my uselessness!!

Build. Protect.Teach. Care. – The Starfish Motto




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