Here Comes Wendy Clause, Here Comes Wendy Clause, Right Down Wendy Clause Way!


So these leggings are about as Christmassy as I will be getting over here in Thailand, becuase Thailand is obviously a Buddhist country so they don’t celebrate Christmas like we do in the Western world. At first I thought that this might be a bit weird as I come from a famiy that goes ALL out for Christmas, and I mean all out; real Christmas tree, same decorations every year, family traditions like having Christmas dinner on Christmas day and not being allowed to open any presents until breakfast was eaten and even then it had to be in turn with my sister so we could see what the other had gotten; but despite all of this I find myself not at all phased by the lack of baubles and turkey in my life.

Actually scratch that, I really want turkey and I would do several illicit things for a mince pie right now. Thailand has yet to experience mince pies and I don’t know how to make them, nor do I have the time either; turns out we are pretty busy in the Starfish HQ for Christmas. I still have one volunteer left who has two days left on the teaching project left to finish before she jets off to another fun destination, and for any of those that can count, that means I am working over Christmas Day, which again doesn’t really seem that strange as nobody here celebrates it. After that we have a few days off before heading out to our Annual Staff Meeting and then I have volunteers coming on the day we depart, so all in all I am pretty tied up πŸ˜€

A very easy way to tell if there is a farang (foreigner) living on your street is to see if they put up Christmas decorations or not; even though they have moved to a different country with a culture that is so far and beyond their own they still insist on decking out their houses with lights, tinsel and those freaky dancing angels and santas. My grandparents used to have one either side of their fireplace at Christmas and they used to scare the bejesus out of me and my sister, I remember them giving them to us one Christmas and I knew in that moment that after that Christmas they would never see the light of day again, forever living in my attic; that is unless my grandparents ever came over, at which time they would take pride of place in the living room πŸ˜€


This does not instil Christmas joy of any kind in me what so ever

The one thing I am a little saddened by though is seeing how all of my friends on Facebook are all boasting about how lovely their Christmas jumpers are, how nice it is to come in from the cold winter air and have a hot chocolate with melted marshmallows, how beautiful their cities are with all the lights and how excited they are too see everyone they care about. As much as I can wear a Christmas jumper here in Thailand it isn’t really the same; especially as it is SO hot here that you can’t even put a jumper on without working up a sweat.
I don’t have to go outside and worry about slipping on ice or how much longer it will take me to get to work due to the snow though, all I have to worry about here is mosquitos and sunburn; neither of which I worry about that much anyway as ‘mosquitos gotta mosqeet’ and there is no sun strong enough in the universe in the real or video game world that can turn my milky white skin to anything darker than a grubby tone.
Props for this photo go to Stuarts Photography, Leeds, if you don’t go to him for all of your photography needs then you are a fool πŸ˜€
I won’t lie and say I don’t care about Christmas becuase I do, I miss my friends back in England and I won’t get to see any of my family over the holidays like I have been so used to doing for the last 21 years. I saw a picture today of my niece, Pixie, standing infront of a bauble and just looking so amazed and happy and it makes me sad that I can only see wonderful moments like that in photos at the moment. If we had Christmas here it would be my face looking amazed and happy as I am all about Christmas and finding the perfect gift for someone and then seeing their face as they open it.
Β This is what happens if we are friends and you don’t agree that I am right πŸ˜€
I am especially sad about not being able to see my best friend Aron this year. We have known each other only a few months but are so far and beyond best friends that I can honestly say I can’t see life without his cheeky face in it. He was the reason I cried at the airport when I left!!! Like I have said before I am from a military family so I am very used to goodbyes but saying bye to Aron, after we had become so close, was honestly the only thing that nearly stopped me from coming out here in the first place. I speak to Aron pretty much everyday and as much as he does my head in sometimes with talking about FIFA or blabbering on about some ‘fit lass’, I can honestly say that he is someone I now couldn’t live without. So because of that I am going to be very sad on Christmas Day that I can’t give him a hug and tell him how much I miss him in person instead of over our 2 hour Skype calls every other night.
Who couldn’t miss a face that steals your Star Wars Jedi dressing gown and sneaks into your mums room in order to have cuddles with your kitty after stealing your bed after work and spending the whole time snoring and stealing all of the duvet??
There are things I don’t miss though, like the idiotic people who feel the need to blame you and the rest of the world for their inability to plan Christmas shopping effectively and spend the last few days scurrying around town, barging everyone else out of the way in order to get to Sports Direct to buy a pair of ‘weeney good’ Nike Airs for their brother. I also don’t miss the stupid slush snow that you get after the beautiful snow has been trampled into the ground like a giant cockroach, you know the kind that seeps into your shoes and makes the 4 pairs of socks you are wearing cold and wet?? Yeah England can keep that πŸ˜€
Another thing I don’t miss is how superficial people become at Christmas, it isn’t about spending time with your loved ones or playing board games anymore, it is about getting drunk, wearing a teeny tiny santa outfit to a club and spending Christmas Eve necking off with a stranger and then opening presents that you probably don’t need or deserve. I just don’t like how much people put a value on objects. I can’t claim to be completely unsuperficial as I have an iPhone, an iPad, a MacBook Pro and countless clothes, but living in Thailand in a culture where your wealth is shown in the love you express and the family you keep, it makes you very quickly realise that you don’t need all of those things.
One of my BIGGEST pet hates for Christmas though is when people say it is all about Jesus’ birthday. If I see one more status on Facebook about how Christmas comes from it being Jesus’ birthday I might have to tear my eyeballs out! Christmas comes from the Pagan festival Yule which the Catholics felt the need to steal and make into something it isn’t; like with a lot of things they believe.
Anywhom, this is not going to turn into THAT debate!
It just makes me so mad that people are so simple minded that they don’t actually look into it all. If you only like Christmas on a non-religious basis then I have no issue if you don’t know it’s origins but if you claim that it ALL came from the Catholics then don’t expect to be my friend on Facebook for very much longer.
You know if I take you off Facebook that we really aren’t friends πŸ˜€
On another note though!!
I just want to wish everyone back in England, and anywhere else in the world, that I love, the very best in this holiday time, no matter what you celebrate. Know that I miss you all and that you had better be eating extra turkey and mince pies for me as finding mince pies here is harder than finding a unicorn; which is FAR harder than the Harry Potter books let on so don’t be fooled!!
Happy Holidays Everyone!!!
My rather snow and ice covered face πŸ˜€

Build. Protect.Teach. Care. – The Starfish Motto



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