A New Year A New Wendy

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So this is the first New Years I have spent not being in England, and as you can probably guess, I am spending it in Thailand. And in Thailand they don’t just celebrate New Years on December 31st they spend the whole week having parties in their village, at their local bar and with their families; right now for example it is the 29th of December and I am sat in my friend Tuks village and we are watching the village girls practice a dance they have just taught themselves which they plan to perform at the huge village party on New Years Eve.

Yesterday however wasn’t such a calm affair!!

20130102-022503 PM.jpg


Me, Tuk, Al, Arm and Arms girlfriend Kim went to a party/celebration at the bar at the end of my street and stayed there from about 5pm to 2am!! The best thing was that I arrived late and Tuk and Al had been at it with the locals since around midday; I just don't know how Thai people can drink so much and throw up so little!! I have worked in a bar so know how much people need to drink to reach their limit and here they just don't seem to have that limit so Thai people are still partying like crazy at 5am everyday!!

20130102-022852 PM.jpg

You can go hard or you can go home – a quote fitting Thailand more than perfectly

20130102-023146 PM.jpg

The other thing that Thai people adore apart from parties is football, and I don’t mean Thai football I mean English football!!! Thai people can tell you more about football, it’s rules, it’s teams and who is being sold and bought than anyone else I know; especially the English people. Even right now I am watching the local guys play football and they are all wearing an array of English football team shirts, I can see Manchester United and City, Arsenal, Leeds and even Tottenham Hotspurs!! I don’t even know who they are but one guy in the village can tell you everything you could ever want to know about them.

I can honestly say that even though I don’t speak as much Thai as I need to in order to understand everything they are saying I know enough to know how much Thai people love their football, and it doesn’t matter if it is hot, cold, raining, light or dark, Thai people will always find an area big enough to have a kick about in.

20130102-023532 PM.jpg

I love Thai people’s relaxed approach to everything, they will work all day and then always find enough time to relax and have a fun game of football or a drink or seven; because alcohol is like Pringles out here, once you pop you just can’t stop.

Wow that came out far more corny than I intended it too………

Back to the festivities!!

20130102-024057 PM.jpg

I mentioned earlier how Thai people celebrate New Years for around a week instead of just on the day and I can safely say that I am certainly enjoying the party atmosphere and especially the food it brings with it as well!! Thai people cook more food for one celebration than I think I have ever eaten in my entire life! Food is so beautiful here as well so I have absolutely no idea how all Thai people are so tiny!! And how the men are so muscly as well! Half of the boys have just taken their shirts off to play a game of shirts and skins and their is not one woman in the village that is complaining about that I can tell you!!

I am certainly looking forward to actual New Year’s Eve and the crazy party that will be back in my town of Surin. Me and some friends are going out to my favourite haunt which is Speed 3 of course! December 31st also happens to be the birthday of one of the coordinators girlfriends so we are going to be having even more of a party for that as well, all in all it is looking to be one of those nights where I take a lot of photos that end up on Facebook and everyone drinks their own body weight in whiskey; Thailand’s beverage of choice, except for me of course as I would rather drink the blended entrails of a unicorn than whiskey.

It seems as though my presence is required at the cook fire so I shall hopefully be back in a little bit to tell more of my Thailand New Year; my resolution of which is obviously to learn more Thai, probably the only resolution I have ever actually wanted to really get on and achieve.

I’m back 🙂

Well that was certainly an interesting few hours!! I was walking with my friend and fellow coordinator Worn around his village and he offered to take me to where the locals were preparing a pig that they had killed earlier in the day.

For all of those with a gentle disposition this next bit might not be for you!!

20130102-024706 PM.jpg

There were around 10 villagers sat on a large table/bench that are everywhere in Thailand, all swat with a very large knife and a chopping board made from a slice of tree. Some were chopping up the larger pieces of the pig such as the legs and the torso, removing the skin, placing it into one bucket and the separating the remaining meat into smaller chunks which were then taken by other villagers and me, in order to chop them into finer, smaller chucks which were then, for lack of a better word, tenderised with incredibly sharp knives in order to make them into a sort of chunky paste that we then being fried up by the cooks. It was a task that I undertook for around two hours and it was so amazing to sit with the locals, with no translator, and see how they all worked as a group.

20130102-024912 PM.jpg

The men were the ones to chop up the larger pieces of the pig with the women undertaking the chopping and tenderising activities. They were all talking and joking and seemed to be very excited to usher in the new year and the huge feast that they would be having the next, thanks in part to me 🙂

In terms of my cultural experiences in Thailand I have been exceptionally lucky, I have attended a wedding, a funeral, several local parties, many different religious festivals and events and I have also been invited into so many kind people’s home to celebrate something as small as a birthday. Many people and especially foreigners are never as lucky as me and I have Starfish to thank for my experiences, if it weren’t for them and their staff, I would never have attended the events I have.

But, as always with Thai culture, simply driving home from preparing the pig for the next day was not as simple as I thought. We stumbled upon a party in another part of the village and so in the spirit of the New Year we all jumped off our mopeds and joined in. It turned out that another coordinator was already at the party so we set up camp with him and soon were surrounded by friendly faces I had met over the last few days, one in particular called Mon who in his very drunken state professed his love for me on several occasions 😀

20130102-025208 PM.jpg

I, however, had found an adorable puppy that was more than happy to be cuddled up to me with its paws around my neck giving me the snuffliest cuddle ever!! I always seem to find the cutest puppies in Thailand that I want to take back to my house, and if you follow me on Instagram you will regularly see the photos of these adorable and loving creatures I find!

After staying at the party for a few hours I was absolutely exhausted, as was my friend Tuk, so we both went back to her house to sleep, and as always when I stay in a village I was sleeping with the Mosquitos as well as Tuk; but like I have said before, Mosquitos gotta’ mosqueeeet!! The other amazing thing about staying with Tuk was that two of her dogs had just had 12 puppies between them so I spent several hours health checking them, noting the sexes and markings on them so that Tuk knew how many boys and girls she was going to be having around in the next few weeks. I am still in the process of convincing Lek, who is the maid for the volunteers houses, who lives with us at the office, to let me have a dog. I have another seven weeks to convince her as then the puppies will be old enough to come away from their mothers and I know that I would do a much better job of caring for them than anyone else as everyone who knows me knows how much I ADORE dogs and puppies.

Especially ones this cute!!!

20130102-025334 PM.jpg

Sleep is calling me so I shall sign off and blog about Part 2 of my Thai New Year soon.

Happy New Years Eve Eve 😀


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