The Wendy On The Bus Goes Round And Round, Round And Round, Round And Round!!


Mental traffic on the way in Bangkok

So I am currently sat on a very sleepy night bus on the way to Bangkok with the rest of the Surin Starfish Team, all of whom are sleeping off the New Year; my predictions about Tuk and Al were spot on as always!! They were both very merry on the way to the bus station and would not stop bursting into fits of giggles for the first half an hour of the journey. They also wouldn’t stop making the bus conductor laugh whilst he was trying to make his speech about where the bus was going and all that jazz, that soon ended when the lights were dimmed though; I know I wasn’t the only one who was happy about that!

A very beautiful sleeping Nam

I have had a couple of volunteers say to me that they would never travel by bus in Thailand as they assume it would be a horrible experience but in all honesty they could not be further from the truth!! Thai buses are like coaches and they have amazing reclining seats that are comfier than every plane seat I have ever sat in, and certainly more comfortable than that of the train!! Not only are they comfortable they also have their own staff who are sort of like air hostesses, only my host happens to be a very dashing Thai man, gladly they don’t have the same garish makeup and trolleys that always manage to smack some poor traveller in the back of the head. They also give you loads of food on the buses as well, I am currently sat looking at a very delicious looking sandwich, a packet of crisps, a chilled bottle of water and a carton of juice and have been told that we may get a breakfast in the morning as well; still think the bus sounds that bad?

Oh, they have just turned off all the lights.

And the TV’s.

Seems I am the only person awake on the bus, well apart from the conductor and the driver, goodness I hope the driver is awake!!!

The only light to be found on this bus and in fact the whole road is that spilling from the screen of my iPad as write this post. Most parts of Thailand, not including Bangkok, are completely lacking in street lights, even some of the main, very busy roads have no street lights so an incredible amount of skill on the part of the driver is required. Thai roads and driving are undertaken with a very refined level of organised chaos that you have to understand in order to tackle, I myself would be very tentitive as a new driver, to take to the streets of Thailand.

Pretty sure I have seen the same bit of road twice though, hopefully this driver knows where he is going!!


People are so desperate to get travel back into Bangkok that hundreds of them are sleeping in the backs of trucks. I wouldn’t mind lying down that much though……

Completely unsure how I have done it but I just deleted pretty much 95% of this post in some crazy freak iPad disaster and it is far to dark to be rewriting it all; it was all pretty funny as well so that sucks!!!

It mostly involved how mental drivers are here, that my bus has torches for headlights that aren’t even on, how we are driving the the middle or wrong side of the road and that I don’t know how to make my chair recline.

Oh and that the roads are so eerily quiet at times that it seems as though the zompocalypse has hit Thailand with full force.

So now I am going to go and eat my food and prepare my Thai zompocalypse plan and hopefully not find myself dead in a mangled bus accident on the side of the death roads than snake their way the length of Thailand 🙂

So I managed to find the lever to make the chair work; but it was around 2am so I only had 3 hours of reclining comfort and still didn’t sleep either, which is totally my own fault for drinking a bottle of M-150 which is the Thai equivalent of Red Bull but is about 93% more potent; tis the drink of the gods!


Worn and Tuk looking very cheery to be sat in Bangkok bus station at 4.30am 😀

Turns out Bangkok bus station is just like every other bus station in the world but only it is a thousand times more full as everyone is returning back to Bangkok for work after the New Years break. We were supposed to get our minivan to Cha Am at 5.30 but the driver managed to get a bit lost somehow so was a little late. After we all piled into the very cold minivan we set off on our three hour journey to Cha Am, along the way I noticed that the landscape looked very much like it does in the flatlands and jungles surrounding Siem Reap in Cambodia; it was all very beautiful though and what is even better is that it was set to be warmer in Cha Am than it has been in Surin for the last week. I can no longer cope with anything less than 20C so the 12C of Surin was becoming rather unpleasant.

I dread to think about everyone back in England and the States where it is much, much colder; sucks to be you guys!


Look at me being all productive!!

I am currently sat in my hotel room in Cha Am and it is a beautiful ocean fronting resort with the most darling canal snaking through its midst, passing right below one of my windows, sadly though we all have to get up and go to our meeting at 10am until around about 6pm so we shall miss out greatly on the wonderful sunshine and the even more wonderful warmth it brings; I am pretty determined to get into the azure blue ocean I can see from my other window though; there is a pool next to it but I would much rather swim in the actual ocean than a pool any day.


It’s so calming and relaxing to hear the waves of the ocean crashing into each other and smelling the salty air, it is definitely an improvement on the last 12 hours we have spent travelling. It is so strange to think that if you added maybe two hours extra onto that time, it would be time enough to travel to England and yet I only got as far as Southern Thailand; and it isn’t even proper Southern Thailand either! To be honest, I think we all know I would rather be here, in the south of Thailand, with the sun beating down on me, the crashing of the waves as my soundtrack and the salty air with hints of exotic flowers exciting my senses than the cold, dreary days that England is subject to this time of year; even though a part of me misses the whole winter coat, scarf and ice skating job I had every winter but I would much rather be here, doing this.

Oh it looks like me and Nam are going to go down to the beach with the rest of the Surin Starfish Team and do some ‘work’.


Working our fingers to the bone!!


Nam seems happy with our meetings progress 😀



To see the other photos of our very tough meeting then pop on over to my Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or to see the changes and improvements that we are making over the following year then take a look at the Starfish – Volunteer Thailand Facebook page, Starfish Website and the Starfish Tumblr page as well. Do it! Do it now!

Build. Protect.Teach. Care. – The Starfish Motto




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