Wendy and the Worn

Now that you know a little bit more about the work that you will be doing on the Elephant Project it is time to introduce you to the guy who runs it all.


This cheeky chappy is Worn and he will be taking care of you during your project, not only does he have the cutest smile but he also makes THE best food in Thailand; volunteers come back just to have his Deep Fried Oyster Chicken and rice it’s that good!!!


Shhhhh, don’t tell Worns wife that he cooks!!


Worn working at the rehabilitation centre in Koh Tao

Worn has been working with Starfish for 3 years, not just on the elephant project, but on the Turtle Conservation, Building, Teaching and even Childcare. He really is a Jack-of-all-trades! He does spend nearly all of his time working with the volunteers on the Elephant Project and you can see as soon as you meet him just how passionate he is about his work. No job is ever to big for Worn to handle; I have seen him scale enormous palm trees with nothing but a machete, carry more banana trees than any other person and all without ever showing a single sign of being tired and always with his cheeky smile and his amazing sense of humour.


Working hard on our Wat Tung Development Project

Now when I was a volunteer I was working with Worn and two other volunteers in the most incredible heat, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I must have sweat in that month! I would never have been able to power through the heat, the sweat, the fire ants or the sore muscles if it weren’t for Worn.


His amazing grasp of English means that he can coach you through any situation, he never lets you give up and due to him being so insatiably enthusiastic you can’t but bounce off him. I never thought that I would be able to carry the size of banana trees that I have done in the past but Worn gives you the confidence to do so; it might be due to calling me a sissy girl but that is beside the point haha


Worn and his Sister Tuk, who also works with us here at Starfish (You will meet her later :D)

Worn is the picture of a traditional Thai man as well so every volunteer learns a lot about Thai culture and the major do’s and don’ts because of him. He has a very strong sense of family, supporting a household of 8 people tends to have that effect on you. After spending his entire week with volunteers he goes back to his village and spends the rest of the week working on his rice fields and looking after his wife, two beautiful children and other members of his family.


I really don’t know where he gets the energy to do it all; especially as he plays football nearly everyday, weather it be with the boys in the elephant village, his friends in his own village or his rather successful football team!!! He does have some legendary naps though!


He is also pretty famous for his dance moves and his near perfect renditions of any song by Justin Beiber, Westlife or One Direction – or Worn Direction as we like to call it 😀


Worns typical clothing choices, he is the Thai version of Harry Styles 😀

Don’t just take my word for how much fun Worn is to work with, here are some very kind words from some of his most recent volunteers; promise he didn’t pay them haha

‘Worns a cool guy, very helpful and always keen to put you to work….oh and loves football; a lot’ – Ross Badcock 539466_492831954086310_993122300_n

Ross and Worn making some Poo Paper

‘Worn climbs like a monkey, canoes like a ninja, takes awesome photos and cooks the best chicken you’ve ever tasted – as long as you do the washing up!’ – Kate Butchart


A fun night out with Kate

‘Worn is a highly respected & hard working member of the Starfish team. Worn is the elephant whisper, the fastest sugar cane cutter with superior knowledge about Thailand, its people, cultures & creatures great & small. Meet Worn and his beautiful calm nature and beautiful smile will stay on your heart forever.’ – Taryn Hayler


Taryn and Katin when she was only a week old!!

One of the most unique and chilled blokes going round – Nick Port (Yes he is Australian!!)


Katin is looking a bit bigger here!

I know that I have never met or spoken to a volunteer that as been on the Elephant project that hasn’t fallen in love with Worn and his wonderful nature, he is a joker, a prankster and a mischief maker but he has a heart of gold and always goes that extra mile to make each volunteer feel as though they are special; because to us at Starfish, every volunteer is special!


Worn and one of our returning volunteers Cas, so close that they even dress alike!

Too see more of what Worn is up to then check out his Facebook, he is regularly updating it with photos of his latest elephant related escapades. You can also check the Starfish WebsiteStarfish – Volunteer Thailand Facebook page or the Starfish Tumblr page as well.

Alternatively you can also look at my own TwitterTumblr and Instagram pages to see what I am getting up to everyday.

Build. Protect.Teach. Care. – The Starfish Motto



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