A Lesson with Wendy

As with each of the other projects I have looked at, I am going to look at the specific bits and pieces you will need for teaching.

Schools in Thailand have a strict dress code for students as well the teachers and other staff that work there, this is something that volunteers also have to adhere to.


What Kay is wearing is perfect for the teaching project

The dress code for school is very similar to that of our Childcare project, this means, ‘no bendy bits’. You have to ensure that your shoulders and your knees covered up at all times, our new school also insists that volunteers and staff have no low cut neck lines and nothing that is thin enough to show underwear. So unfortunately you can’t wear the Borat mankini that you have packed, well not at school anyway!


It might be fetching but it isn’t quite right for teaching

In all honesty that is the only specific thing that you need for this project. You can of course bring things with you if you think they will be helpful, we often get teaching volunteers bringing supplies with them like books, pens, pencils as well as English learning programs including books and tapes. Everything that volunteers bring with them to donate is appreciated more than I can ever explain, it makes such a difference to have up to date English learning guides as well as new supplies.

The schools that we work in are not huge state schools, they are small village schools that need our help as they can’t afford to bring in a native English speaking teacher, so having extra new supplies is always hugely welcome.


Shiny new books at Kor Gorayong School 😀

You can always buy things whilst you are out here, not only does it make it cheaper, meaning you can buy more, but it also means that they local community is supported; also means you can have more space in your suitcase for fun mementos of your trip 😀

Well that was a pretty short blog post huh? Ummm how to fill the time of your day you would usually spend reading more words from my brain………………………………………………………………………………………

am-i-panda-or-am-i-dog (1)

Now isn’t that a nice panda/puppy 😀

To look for more information about our teaching project and the work you will be doing then take a look at the Starfish – Volunteer Thailand Facebook page and the Starfish Website; you can even look at the Starfish Tumblr page to see what other bits and pieces that Starfish is up to.

Also take a second to check out my own Tumblr and Instagram pages, especially my Twitter which is always being updated with new tales of my adventures on Teaching as well as other projects.

Build. Protect.Teach. Care. – The Starfish Motto



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