Ban Beung Bow Oon School – P6 Presentation

This is the video project that was put together by volunteers and P6 in the last few weeks at Ban Beung Bow Oon School. The progress these kids made with their English still astounds me, when I first met them they could speak the usual ‘Hello’, ‘My name is……..’ but they couldn’t read or understand to the level that they can do now. The reason that they can do this is, is the inspiring teaching volunteers that give their time in order to make a difference in a child’s life.

2 comments on “Ban Beung Bow Oon School – P6 Presentation

  1. Fantastic video! I taught those kids in P5 last year in January and February! That school is the nicest place I’ve ever taught. The kids are so lovely. So good to see that their English is still improving too! Good job!

    • Hey there Alastair! It must be amazing to see how well they are progressing, I know that even in my time working with Starfish, I have noticed a huge leap in their abilities. Hopefully you will be able to come out and help with our new location soon!

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