What’s Been Going On With Wendy

I have been living and working in Thailand for nearly seven months now and I know that I this blog isn’t really about what I am up to, but what I think that it would be a nice idea if everyone reading this got to know me a little better.

These past seven months have been incredible, a learning curve, stressful, upsetting, fun and more than anything they have been life changing.


Ignore the boy, he is an idiot who we aren’t friends with 🙂

I can remember when I first went to New York and I thought whilst I was there that it was the place I wanted to move to and work and live, I didn’t realise however how much of an effect Thailand would have on me. I never intended to get a job from my volunteering, I came out to Thailand in order to do the placement part of my degree, I didn’t think that I would be quitting my degree, packing up half of my clothes and leaving my beautiful and huge Playstation collection and moving to a town in the North East of Thailand where I would get to work with incredible people and amazing volunteers, who like me, just wanted to make a difference and experience some of the incredible things this world has to offer.

I have so many highlights in this first 7 months in Thailand, everything from the children at Childcare knowing my name, having an elephant remember me every time I visit her, making some incredible friends, learning and using more Thai on a daily basis than I thought I would ever learn, making friends with Thai people based entirely off my Thai skills and getting to see some of the most beautiful places in Thailand.


I can’t say that everything has always been roses though, there have been times where I have been more than frustrated with the way that things are done in Thailand when I know that the way that I would do it would be more efficient, times where I have felt that I am treated completely differently and that doing so is ok when I know that it isn’t. I have had to learn to build up my own self control as in Thailand, you don’t get involved in other people’s business, now if I see something that isn’t right and I think something needs to be said I will always do so, I was brought up to have an opinion and be proud and stand by it, not only that but I was taught to stand up for myself and others if I feel as if they are being mistreated or getting away with things that they shouldn’t. Here that isn’t something that is done which I find very hard to deal with myself, I am very opinionated and everyone that knows me will tell you that I never give in and I always stand up for myself, so this change is probably the hardest one for me.


Things are a bit different when you aren’t a volunteer anymore

Another huge change that I have had to adopt to is just the general way of life for Thais, when I was a volunteer I was living with other Westerners and could talk and do whatever I wanted and was used to but living with Thai people means I have to live by their rules, no matter how much I think at times that they are silly or need reevaluating. I am getting better and have stopped making the small mistakes that I did when I first moved over, like putting my feet up on things, moving things with my feet, stepping on doorways, and or tiny things that nobody ever teaches you not to do, you are just expected to know, which naturally I didn’t.

I do like the Thai way of life though and the respect they have for everything though I do sometimes feel as though certain aspects could benefit from a little more communication, for example in Thailand, if you do something wrong people tend to not say anything and then consider that forgiving you, but how can you know you have done anything wrong if nobody says anything?


I have met some of the most amazing people in the world and I wouldn’t change that for the world

But like with every journey in life there will always be good and bad sides to everything and anything you do or experience, you just have to weigh up the negative and positive things and see if you are getting enough of the positives to outweigh the negative. Here I think I have found far more positives than negatives so overall I am very happy and loving the incredible new experiences that I get to have everyday. I just have to adapt everything I do so that it works with my life here and hold my tongue at times where I know that I normally wouldn’t.


I miss my best friend more than anything


My beautiful niece Pixie, I wish I could see more of her and my nephew Reuben growing up but luckily my amazing sister loves photography so I always get to see what they are up to


My nephew Reuben enjoying the blanket his mama made 😀


My beautiful sister, I think the hair is the one family resemblance we have 555

Everyone always asks me who and what I miss about being in England and honestly I always reply with the fact that I was an army brat as a child so I have learnt to deal with people not being around so that’s not really a huge issue for me. Yes I do miss my family and my friends but I have friends and family here, I have two amazing boys who are my big brothers and care for me so much, they are my knights in shining armour who always look after me. I am also lucky enough to make friends with people everywhere I go, now I know this is down to the colour of my skin as it attracts a lot of attention, but I am a very social person so making new friends is always lots of fun for me; and hopefully for them as well hahaha

I do really miss certain foods and snacks though, I would do unspeakable things for a roast dinner or Yorkshire pudding, chips, sausages and gravy. Or Mattersons smokey sausage. Or real bacon. Or proper chocolate. Basically I want all the junk food, which realistically I don’t want I just want it because I can’t have it. I now eat so healthily here that I feel ill if I ever do eat any junk food, I had a McDonald’s when I was last in Bangkok and felt horrid for like two days!!! Even if I have Tim Tams, the super chocolatly Australian snack that is similar to Penguin bars in England, they make me feel ill, which is such a shame as they are delicious!!!


I am lucky enough to have some amazing friends who keep me occupied ALL the time!

I think that because I am constantly busy and doing something or going on some silly adventure, that I am distracted and constantly being entertained so I don’t really have the time to be missing anyone or anything in particular; but you know, if you feel sorry for me or you want to send me anything, then please feel free to 😀


House Gymnastics is always a fun way to pass the time; even if we were terrible at it!!!

Hopefully no matter how long I stay here, which I hope is for very much longer, I will keep having amazing adventures and learn even more Thai and make a real difference to the people on each and every project we work with and every person that I come into contact with. As long as I know that I have made a difference in my life then that is all that matters, I know that even though I may be one person and my contribution may not be as life changing as walking on the moon or curing cancer, I know that if you add my small difference to everyone else’s then it will be a fighting force that will change this world for the absolute best.


The few days spent fixing this water pipe in the elephant village is nothing to volunteers but makes such a huge amount of difference to the elephants and their mahouts

I have been lucky in my life to gain the experiences and opportunities that I have had and I know that if I can help someone else to have even a part of what I have had in my life then I have done what I set out to achieve. Your background, upbringing or personal history should never shape what you can do in the future. Everyone can do everything, you just need to dream it, work to get it and then help others to realise their potential.


Sometimes life is all about eating a rose and being at peace, do what makes you happy and everything else will fall into place

Life is what you make, so go out and do everything you want to do and make a positive change to the universe.

My TwitterTumblr and Instagram pages are jammed full of pictures of me being an idiot and just enjoying my life, so check it out!!

Build. Protect.Teach. Care. – The Starfish Motto


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