A Questionable Wendy

Seeing as 99% of people who read my blog don’t know me and I am terrible at writing a bio I thought I would do one of those old Facebook question note thing instead 🙂 I found this on my own Facebook from nearly five years ago and cringed at the answers I gave 55

Enjoy 😀

Pick out a scar you have and explain how you got it – When my face gets wet you can see on my left check that there is a lot of scar tissue that came from a very bad ice skating accident with me being the only girl playing British Bulldog. Needless to say, I went about 6 feet on the ice, on my face, because a boy couldn’t face being beaten by a girl 🙂

2929_76274655905_4674391_n (1)

My resulting face – beautiful right

What is on the walls in your room? – I don’t actually have anything on the walls in my room at the moment, I am going to be filling them with all of my Thai language revision though

What does your phone look like? – It is a 64GB white iPhone 5 in a green edged case with a lots of blue heart stickers that Nikki gave to me yesterday

What music do you listen to at the moment? – I have developed a huge love for Thai and Asian music in the last few months


Bodyslam, possibly the most famous band in Thailand

What is your current phone lock and home screen? – At the moment my lock screen is Rainbow Dashs’ cutie mark from My Little Pony, and my home screen is the reflection of water on a thatched roof at my friends lake house.


My lock screen


Home screen

What do you want more than anything in the world right now? – To be fluent in Thai

What time were you born? – I think it was some time in the mid afternoon

What are you listening to right now?Kook Kao by Cocktail (click the name to check them out, they are really good; I promise)

Are you scared of the dark? – I am scared of the dark when I am inside but outside doesn’t bother me

What colour hair/eyes do you like on the opposite sex? – I have no real preference but everyone knows how much in love with Asian boys I am 555

Coffee or energy drinks? – Energy drinks, but I would always choose an ice smoothie over anything else

Cats or dogs? – Dogs are number 1!

What is your favourite pizza topping? – I can’t get pizza in Thailand sadly, but my favourite in England was the Chicken BBQ with bacon, sweetcorn and onion with a BBQ sauce base and stuffed crust. God I miss pizza!!

If you could eat anything right now, what would it be? – Well now I am desperate for pizza

Do you speak another language? – I am getting pretty damn good at Thai now

What was the last gift you gave? – I bought my big brother a crate of beer the other night

Are you double jointed? – In my thumbs I am yes

Who is the person you call the most? – Nangfa


Miss her face so much!!!

What annoys you the most? – That it isn’t ok in Thailand to tell someone when they are being prat; sometimes people just need to be told that!

What is your biggest weakness? – That I am probably the most stubborn being on the planet

What is your favourite Western and Thai holiday? – Oh this is an easy one, Western holiday has to be Christmas and favourite Thai holiday is hands down is Songkran – the worlds biggest water fight

What were you doing before writing this? – Writing even more blogs 🙂

What do you get complimented on the most? – Thai people are obsessed with my skin being white and girls are always telling me how jealous they are! Western people always say I have nice eyes

What do you want for your next birthday? – I would really love a pair of high tops, sometimes I get tired of wearing flip flops and want to wear socks

Who are you named after? – I’m not so much named after anyone, it was just that my mum never knew a Wendy. My Thai name, Rung, is because I always have rainbow hair

Worst habit? – Definitely that I stay up for way to long on an evening

Where is your second home? – My big brother, Dooks house


My big brother Dook and his beautiful niece, Per-sia

What was your favourite toy as a child? – It would have to be my stuffed lamb, very aptly named Lambsy

Most treasured memory? – I think that it would have to be when my sister and her family and my best friend, Aron, and my mum came to the airport to see me off. Everyone was in tears and I have never not wanted to stop hugging someone so much. My sister gave me a note that I read whilst waiting for the plane that made me bawl my eyes out!!

Best live music you have seen? – Speed hahaha But I think it would have to be Atreyu, they were so good, and made a huge effort to talk and interact with so many of their fans

Do you have any pets? – I did have a beautiful puppy called Skylar for a month or so but then was told I wasn’t allowed to have her anymore, definitely one of the worst moments during my time in Thailand.


I miss my baby, Skylar, SO much!!!!

What is your favourite colour? – Always has and will be, green

What was the last book you read? – I have recently read every Game of Thrones book, which makes it very confusing for me when I periodically hear about events on the TV show and knowing that far worse things happen later on

What was the last thing you ate and drank?-Me and a volunteer called Alice went to Swensens, a beautful ice cream company, for dinner last night. The last thing I drank was water 🙂

Who was the person you spoke to on the phone? – I am always on the phone with Nangfa!!!

Do you believe in love at first sight?– I believe in love at first sight with Thai boys haha

Best present you have ever received?  – Even though they came from an idiot, the best present I ever got was my CCM Ice Skates

Do you have any siblings? – I have a beautiful older sister called Emi. A younger brother called Josh and my Dads wife is currently pregnant with a baby girl 🙂


Sibling in progress


Baby brother Josh


Big sister. Emi, and her son, Reuben

What colour hair do you have? – I have every hair colour!

What was the last thing you watched? – I have been obsessed with Jeremy Kyle lately haha

Summer or winter? – I adore Winter but now live in a constant Summer state

What is your favourite movie? – Tangled is by far the best movie of all time, oh and Josie and the Pussycats, and Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves!

Have you met any life changing people in the last year? – I think my two best friends in the world Aron Jackson and Anya Gartside would be at the top of that list, closely followed by my big brothers Dook and Tee.


Aron on his recent volunteering trip to Africa


My homeslice Anya


My brothers, Tee, the one on the left, and Dook on the right

Morning or night? – Always night

What is your full name? – Wendy Ann Victoria Reece

If you could be an animal for a day, which animal would it be? – It would have to be a snow leopard as they are the coolest animal on the planet!

You get granted one superpower, what do you choose? – I think teleportation would be the best thing in the world, I could go to all the places I have always wanted to go!

What is your favourtie smell? – Bacon. Bacon and bacon.

Hopefully these silly questions will give you a bit more of an insight to me and my life and will mean that you understand my madness a little better from now on 😀

If you want to volunteer with a mad woman then take a look at the Starfish Website and the Starfish – Volunteer Thailand Facebook page.

You can also always check out my TwitterTumblr and Instagram pages for more of my silly antics!

Build. Protect.Teach. Care. – The Starfish Motto


A Very Speedy Wendy

I know this is super late but I have been crazy busy lately! Pretend it is New Years for me for a while and read this blog with that in mind 😀

Not only is today New Year’s Eve it is also my friend Kim’s birthday so it is looking as though tonight will be a rather splendid celebration indeed!!!


One of my favourite couples ever!!

This morning Kim’s boyfriend Arm, who is also a coordinator with me, called me and asked for my help in organising her a surprise birthday cake, which I was more than happy to help with, even if the whole thing relied in part on me keeping a 6 year old quiet which was not an easy task!! Why is it that when they have to be quiet that they aren’t, but when they are doing something they shouldn’t then they are quiter than James Bond in a Russian Military Base??


This cake was pretty amazing I won’t lie 😀

Me and Arm lit the candles on Kim’s cake and walked from my office to Arms house, which luckily is just around the corner, followed closely by Arms son Ing who was carrying Kim’s present. We got to the house and definitely surprised Kim with her beautiful cake and gift which Ing was more than happy to help open!

Later in the evening me, Arm and Kim met up with a friend of hers who lives near us and got a taxi, probably the only real taxi In Surin, to a very local Thai bar, where the staff and the customers were throwing cherry bombs and exploding sparklers everywhere; I do so love how much people are considerate of health and safety in Thailand 😀 One of the guys who worked there even got a slingshot from somewhere and decided that loading it with a lit cherry bomb and launching it in the air blindly was a marvellous idea with clearly no health and safety concerns!! Needless to say I had to be talked out of doing the exact same thing!

There is, at times, no health and safety in Thailand and luckily in my experience it has always led to some fantastic memories and meeting new friends that I otherwise might not have met; like the crazy cherry bomb guy.


Look how amazing this straw is??? Who knew this was possible!

After crawling a few of the local bars me, Arm and Kim ended up in Speed 3, which I hope you all know by now, is my favourite night time haunt in Surin, and I can safely say that I have never seen any bar as full as it was on New Years; you could barely move for the amount of people that were there, I have two videos that I will post that show just how busy and mental it was for New Year. The manager of Speed 3 had put on a HUGE new show that my performer friends told me they had to practice 6 hours a day for two days to get ready for; and there is me who has complained about getting beaten up by a baby elephant!! It was certainly worth the 2 days practice as it was amazing and I even got to join in!! I wasn’t on the stage or anything (sadly) but my friend Beer who is the drummer with the house band, gave me his can of silly string and told me to let loose at midnight with the rest of the performers.


The closest thing I could get to a full shot of the craziness that is Speed 3 at New Years

It is certainly a huge perk of my nightlife to be friends with the performers at Speed 3 as it means I get a lot of free drinks but also get to have them come and give me hugs whilst they are on stage, much to the distaste of the Thai crowd as they don’t get to huge the ridiculously attractive staff every night; at times is it the best to be the palest person in the room.


Needless to say Kim had a wonderful birthday and I had an equally as wonderful New Year. We have already planned for a very big night out when I return from my trip to Cha Am for our Staff Meeting followed by my stay in Bangkok to pick up my first ever group of volunteers who I shall be taking to the elephant village. It should make for a very fun few days having my first ever group of volunteers who are properly relying on me to be their coordinator!! We shall see if it is as fun as I hope and if I manage to epically screw up this amazing job I have been so lucky to get.


I am finally back in bed after my New Years night out and I am getting sleepy so shall post this and then get the videos up as soon as my Internet will allow me to; mobile Thai Internet is always amazing but sometimes my wifi decides that we aren’t friends anymore and refuses to let me so much as update my Facebook status; seems you just can’t keep everyone happy now a days!

I shall be getting the night bus to Bangkok tomorrow, well today actually I suppose, and it shall be a very long six to seven hour drive I can tell you, especially as I KNOW that Tuk and Al will have been celebrating New Years all day, and probably up until we get on the bus; many apologies to the poor Thai people who have to sit with us for the entire journey 😀

Sleepy time for Wendy!!!


Bangkok – A New Starfish Hope


Are we there yet???? – Every child and adult; ever

Well. . . . . what a way to start a new week, I quit my job, got an internship, moved to Thailand and didn’t loose my bags in the airport, and I get to live in Bangkok for a few days, maybe I don’t get to live in the Grand Palace but all in all a rather jolly few days I think!

 The name’s Wendy (the one on the right)


and I am currently sat, 7 hours after landing at Bangkok airport, with no sleep and a very confused perception of exactly what day and time it is, starting a blog about why I am still awake with a confused perception of exactly what day and time it is, but in light of all of that, I am probably the luckiest person in the world right now. I am sat in a cool and air conditioned office in Bangkok with the sign outside reading ‘Starfish Volunteers’, the name of the company that managed to steal my heart when I first came to Thailand in June of 2012.

I origionally came to Thailand to work as a volunteer with Starfish in a city called Surin, which, depending on your mode of transport could be four to eight hours of travelling in either a nicely air conditioned car or a not so cool wind-through-open-windows conditioned train; I was fortunate enough to experience the latter which was a rather interesting way to spend time with 11 other volunteers who I barely knew but ended up sitting on the floor of the train playing card games with, something which enticed both the rail staff and the Thai people unlucky enough to be in our unruly carriage.

For me, working with elephants in a very small and remote village was something that other people did, not me, not the rainbow haired, video game loving, knitting fanatic that I am. But there I was, spending my time sat on the back of an elephant never quite sure to be worried more about how likely I was to fall off or how sore my bum would be in the morning, incidentally the sore bum always won out.

I fell completely and utterly in love with Surin, the people, my co-ordinators, the weather, the elephants, Starfish itself, the soi dogs, Big C, the language, the bugs. . . .  no wait NOT the bugs! Mosquitos suck! Both your blood and the actual experience itself; don’t get bitten.

Not even the mosquitos could put me off my own Starfish adventure so after my own exceptional 4 week project where I became very close with both my fellow volunteers and the amazing staff that work at Starfish I began to think that I could be one of those amazing staff that made me feel like I was a friend and not a customer, someone they wanted to spend time with even when they wern’t working and someone that they would call to bleach their hair at 3 oclock on a Sunday afternoon after a rather heavy night out.

I could be that person.

So, low and behold here I am sat in this cool and air conditioned office with the opportunity to finally be that person. I started this blog not only as a way to track my own time with Starfish but also as a way to try and tell just as many people as I possibly can how wonderful Starfish and their projects are, not only to the volunteers but to the Thai people and communities that they support. Because unlike the majority of other companies that claim to give you a true experience of what Thailand is when all they do is take your money, Starfish, for nearly ten years, have been contributing nearly three quarters of the money volunteers pay directly back into the projects that they have.

Projects like working with elephants, teaching, medical care, volun-touring, building and also undertaking the mammoth task of building and sustaining an orphanage with over 40 children in it. Not only do they do this in Thailand in several different locations they have also moved recently into projects in India; there really are no limits to the difference that Starfish wants to make on the world.

For a better less jet lagged explanation of the projects Starfish does, have a ganders at the Starfish – Volunteer Thailand Facebook page and sign up to the Starfish newsletter; or if you are super savvy with technology you could check out the Starfish Tumblr page or #starfishvolunteers if you are signed up to Instagram.

Build. Protect. Teach. Care. – The Starfish Motto