Another Useless Wendy

I feel like I make far too many of these posts where I apologise about the lack of posts over a certain period of time, but in all honesty I have been INCREDIBLY busy at work, then had to spend a week in Cambodia in order to get a new visa, which in itself is a whole separate post, words can’t describe the fuss that goes into obtaining a visa from an Embassy!!

So please take this as my official apology for being useless, I would have posted more whilst I was in Cambodia but had very limited internet capabilities; but I am mostly sorry for being useless.

Expect usual postings from now on though as even if it kills me I am going to stick to posting at least three times a week. But if I can’t manage to do that for whatever reason then the very best way to keep up with what I am doing is too take a look at my TwitterTumblr and Instagram pages, no matter how limited my internet is, I will always manage to update one of these pages at least once or twice a week.

So let’s crack on with the regular scheduled programming 😀